Кирако Харуно (春野 綺羅子, Haruno Kirako) — Офисная служащая «Вооруженного детективного агентства».


A professional, friendly and kind woman that could only qualify as reliable. At work, at least - When she is out of the office, it is implied by her interactions with Naomi that she has a habit for slacking off a bit if left unwatched, being prone to be easily startled.

When confronted by Steinbeck and Lovecraft, despite being more afraid than Naomi, Haruno was able to remain calm enough to drive safely, therefore, she is a composed woman.

Due to having an obsession with her cat, Haruno is also easily teased.


Haruno is a young woman with short half-curly brown hair that reaches just below her shoulders. Her eyes are olive green, and her big glasses have a red rim.

Just like other clerks, she uses an uniform consisting on a white shirt completely buttoned with a white bow tie, a grey vest, and a long navy blue skirt.

Alternatively, she wears a dark turtleneck sweater, and a long white skirt; black stockings, and white shoes, together with a white purse.


О ее вступлении в агентство ничего не известно. Помимо этого она дружит с Наоми и возможно они могли знать друг друга в течение достаточно большого времени.



Since she is an ordinary woman, Haruno doesn't have any ability but she has some strength, being able to grab Atsushi and easily lift him, strangling the boy with her bare hands while being controlled by Kyusaku's ability.

The fact that she works for the Agency might imply that she is a very capable person.


  • Haruno is named after a character in Junichirou Tanizaki's novel Naomi.
    • In Junichiro's work, Haruno is an actress that belongs to the Imperial Theater. It is unknown if in the manga she worked as one and/or if said theater exists.
  • She has a cat named Mii-chan, whom she has an obsession with.
  • Haruno might be a compulsive drinker. Naomi mentions that she drunk five entire bottles of wine in a single night.

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