Андре Жид (アンドレ・ジッド, Andore Jīddo) персонаж и главный злодей новеллы «Дазай Осаму и Темная Эра». Он предводитель преступной организации родом из Европы под названием «Мимик».


Befitting a soldier, Gide was a cold and serious man with amazing leadership skills. As a soldier, he was a righteous and prideful man, smart enough to seize a city with 6,000 enemies with only 40 soldiers.

Initially, he shows himself as an emotionless man, only seeking the thrill from war in order to be finally killed by his enemies. He rarely showed any emotions, being Oda Sakunosuke the only one whom he shown his true character. While he might appear as extremely ruthless, he showed regretfulness and melancholy for his actions. He also constantly praised Oda and his skills, being one of the few persons who understood him and his reasons for not killing, enough to genuinely smile at him during their last moments alive.


Gide was a tall man described as 'handsome' by Odasaku himself. He had sharp grey eyes and a grey hair swept entirely to his back with only a few bangs hanging on the front from the sides. Over his normal clothes, much like any other member of Mimic, he wore grey rags. In the anime adaption, Gide's eyes are red and he dons a brown cloak.


Gide used to be a hero, an astonishing commander from an unknown army during an unknown conflict called 'The Great War', until they were betrayed by their own country and labeled them as traitors after attacking a walled city, not knowing about the peace treaties signed behind their backs. Therefore, their actions were unknowingly treated as war crimes and were on the verge of being annihilated, if not for they decided to take their dead enemies's possessions and disguise themselves as ghosts in order to break through their former allies's lines and escape.

Unable to find a reason to live out from the battlefield, he swore to his comrades that together they'd die as soldiers.

Before coming to Japan, he and his organization sought a war with the Knights from The Order of the Clock Tower, but were ultimately expunged from Europe. Some time later, Mori contacted with them in order to lure them to the country.



Его способность не была раскрыта полностью, но известно, что она идентична способности Оды, благодаря чему Жид может предсказывать 5 секунд будущего таким образом зная следующий шаг противника и делая себя практически непобедимым.

Единственное что может победить владельца этой способности – такая же способность у противника.


"We lost our homeland and our honour. We became ghosts wandering a wasteland in search of enemies to fight. (Oda asks: Are you sure you couldn't change your way of life?) I swore to my men that I would die a soldier. I cannot become anything else. No... Perhaps I could have. I may have been able to reshape my way of life and become someone who wasn't a soldier. Just like how you stopped killing."



  • It is unknown which country Gide is from.
  • His preferred weapon was a grey and slim pistol known as 'Grey Espectre'.
  • Him reciting a Bible passage (John 12:24), could imply that he was a religious person or at least that he possesed some knowledge about the Bible.

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